We believe that 3D Printing is not only a technique but a part of much more broader and deeper transformation to the digital age of our society.
We are here to build tools, to help, to learn from people that are creating, experimenting, failing, challenging and making things happen.

  • Why we have developed a slicer platform ? Because whatever new process, feature or improvement you want to implement on a 3D Printer, you need the software driving it to be aware and this is the slicer that will be the key to enable you to take advantage of such features.
  • Why we say this a slicer platform ? We propose also to develop specific software for 3D Printers Manufacturers and to provide also services linked to 3D Printing. Our software is not limited to a single 3D Printing process. Slicing is universal.

How ?

We expose features of our tools in a way to enable people to experiment with them, to compare and to measure results.
We are not tide by the existing, we break things and challenge our-self in order to push further and improve in different ways.

What ?

We have a modular slicing engine that can be tuned in many ways, all its parameters are exposed.
Our software is an evolving tool that not only prepare the job for the 3D printer but it provides you also insights of:

  • what is going to be done
  • how it is done
  • how much time, money, resources you spent on this
You can see, compare and see what happens in all the details so you can iterate and refine further: you have different parameters per mesh, per slice, per printing phases.

Simple not simpler

Despite common belief, 3D Printing is not a click button process. Some parts need a lot of tinkering to get good quality, just to name a few:

  • how to orient them?
  • how much cooling is required?
  • where supports should be? how much clearance on Z and on X/Y?
  • where to reduce filament usage?
  • what infill to use for my set of constraints?
So we provide a mean to control, to store all such work and also to share it with other people.

For us it is also a ground to build new interesting features that can improve the print quality, to reduce printing time, to improve print reliability ...etc...

This is not just yet another slicer, but a tool for the mind to empower people in 3D printing and to enable them to print their dreams

ChopChop3D Slicer

ChopChop3D Slicer is a 3D Printer Software enabling people to prepare, slice, print, enjoy, tune and push their 3D Printers to the limits.

Progressive Learning Curve:

  • Predefined Custom/Vendor Profiles.
  • Simple 3D Print Profiles similar to existing Slicers on the market aka Quick Slicer Profiles.
  • Very Detailed 3D Print Profiles for your most difficult projects aka Slicer Profiles.

More Control:

Visualize, Check and Measure:



  • Dual Core CPU (Quad Core CPU recommended for complex projects).
  • 3 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended for complex projects).
  • OpenGL Graphic Card.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher x64.
  • Linux x64.
  • Other OS/Platform on demand, please ask.

Any 3D Printer using one of the following firmwares:

Marlin, Makerbot, Sailfish, Smoothieware, Repetier Firmware.
In case of doubt, please ask.