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  • Windows 64
  • 1_1_0 MD5Sum: 0e1547a0406efc0e4105cfb8f3695a5d
    SHA1Sum: 1e28376b6b3fae8ac2e433a47d106ec1e6b49a6d
    The file is not signed, Windows will show a warning.

    If you try to install in "Program Files" you need to launch the installer as Administrator (Right Click on the installer, then Run as Administrator), otherwise you can install in any place you have write permissions.

    If you upgrade from a previous installed version, launch the new version of the slicer, then you need to go in Help/License and click on Register.
  • Linux x64
  • 1_1_0 MD5Sum: 1b0e7e2d659895448f7077e323d17d6f
    SHA1Sum: ee865c317969d5d5c12cf874473a97b039ba722e
    To invoke the registration program type the following on the command line:
    ./ChopChop3D_Slicer_BETA_1_1_0.AppImage -R

    Tested on Fedora 33 and Ubuntu 20.10, GLIBC >= 2.32.

    While it is downloading:

    Check out the installation documentation



    • Dual Core CPU (Quad Core or higher recommended for large projects).
    • 3 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large projects).
    • OpenGL Graphic Card.
    • Disk Usage: at least 0.5 GB.
    • Microsoft Windows 7, 10 or higher x64.
    • Linux x64.
    • Other OS/Platform on demand, please ask.

    Any 3D Printer using one of the following firmwares:

    Marlin, Makerbot, Sailfish, Smoothieware, Repetier, Klipper Firmware.
    In case of doubt, please ask.

    Release Notes

    Version Notes
    1_1_0 25/12/2020 Features:
    - Variable layer height slicing (aka. Adaptative Slicer)
    - Presets for mouse sensitivity
    - Gizmos: rotation, scaling, combined
    - Cameras: presets, custom settings, orbital around bed, orthographic/perspective, pitch and yaw
    - Viewer: add printer 3d model with material
    - Internal Mesh Model changed: updated vectorization/polygonization
    - Viewer: Support OBJ Fileformat, Import/Export
    - Extruder settings: add acceleration, jerk, junction deviation
    - Extruder settings: add toolchange retraction settings
    - GCODE: add Has Individual Objects using M486 to cancel printing specific objects
    - Toolpath: experimental Helicoidal Layer changes (vase mode generalization to multiple insets/perimeters)
    - Advanced Infill: Bouligand Infill Generator Helper
    - Advanced Infill: Shifted Infill Generator Helper enable saving time/filament for ornamental prints.
    - Mesh Properties: compute faces and edges, check for holes, separate indivual meshes, highlight with different materials, export to STL/OBJ
    - Scaling: Fit to Bed
    - Advanced Insets: allow to customize each inset/perimeter for overlap, extrusion width, speed, temperature, acceleration ...
    - Viewer: Undo/Redo
    - Viewer: Select Face and Align to Bed

    Supported Profiles:
    - Creality Ender 3 PLA and PETG with Brittle Supports and Shifted Infills templates

    - Concentric Infill Overlap
    - Viewer Translation X Up/Down inverted
    - Reorder contextual menu
    - Advanced Infill various fixes
    - Retraction on supports with gap layers
    - Infills for supports crash for Hex, StrongHex
    - Wipe Towers various fixes
    - Details Slicer various fixes
    - Faster Loading/Import in the DB
    - Cooling algorithm fixes
    - Major internal refactoring
    - A lot ;)
    BETA_09 29/01/2019 Fixes:
    - Critical bug fixes at the supports.
    - Bug fixes to preview wipetowers.
    - Bug fixes at scheduler for multimaterial.
    - Bug fixes at gcode for multimaterial.
    - Multiple bug fixes for wipetowers.
    - Memory leak fixes.

    BETA_08 10/12/2018 Fixes:
    - Critical bug fixes at the supports crashing the slicer.
    - Bug fixes to preview correctly the raft.
    - Bug fix to check correctly the bed limits with the raft.
    - Bug fix for the brim to improve robustness.
    - Bug fixes at the DB for chained upgrades.
    - Bug fixes at the slicer updater.
    - Update GUI.
    - Update GUI tooltips.
    - Update French translation.

    BETA_07 02/12/2018 Features:
    - New Brim with the smooth pillow algorithm, brim generalized to multiple layers, also it can be used to lock parts on the XY plane even in case of adhesion failure.
    - Avoid Burning Print Surface, optionally raise the hotend by 15mm when blocked until reaching the temperature, then put it down.
    - Update GUI tooltips.
    - Update GUI for Infill, no more tabs, more compact dialog.
    - Update French translation.
    - DB Schema Update.

    BETA_06 26/11/2018 Features:
    - Add new print phases for Raft: Raft Thin Infills and Raft Thick Infills (Raft Infills print phase is deprecated).
    - QuickSlicer: Raft extruder settings are fully independent from First Layer parameters.
    - Preferences: Add Transient Bed Parameters, updated when loading a QuickSlicer profile or a DetailedSlicer profile, restored at startup.
    - Multiple bug fixes on Raft.
    - DetailedSlicer resolved scheduling issues.
    - Overwrite of QuickSlicer/DetailedSlicer profile.
    - Multiple bug fixes on Group to handle multimaterial meshes (with and without origin changes) for: translate, rotate, scale, mirror, align.
    BETA_05 05/11/2018 Feature:
    - Support Selection by Painting Supports Surfaces to speed up supports selection.
    - Several fixes for Supports Dialog.
    - Update french translation.
    BETA_04 15/10/2018 Feature:
    - Optional Retraction Restart Speed to enable more tuning (disabled by default).
    - Rotation tab: map enter key to perform the Set.
    - Add missing Temporary DB Migration to Import Profiles.
    - Strong Hex Infill bug fix.
    - DB Schema update.
    - Update french translation.
    BETA_03 07/10/2018 Fixes:
    - Closing a tab or exiting: display a warning message to give a chance to save a modified profile.
    - ZigZag Infill: corner case bug fix.
    - Advanced Infill: corner case bug fix.
    - Supports: conic base handling any layer height and any airgap.
    - Perform automatically the re-registration in case license files are present.
    - Update french translation.
    BETA_02 30/09/2018 Fixes:
    - Supports: major bug fixes at the GUI for Custom Supports.
    - Supports: major bug fixes in the Slicer Backend for Custom Supports, Robustness improvements.
    BETA_01 24/09/2018 New features:
    - Reuse Quick Slicer profiles through import in Detailed Slicer, ease edition of Detailed Slicer Profiles.
    - GCode: automatically generate the blocking statements for the first tool used (heat bed and hotend), move the Z axis to 15mm to prevent burning the printing surface.
    - GCode: automatically add the missing gcode suffix if not present when saving the filename.
    - Add DeSelect All.
    - Show supports once edition is finished.
    - Supports: show warnings at the edition if a rotation/scaling has been performed invalidating the support configuration.
    - Supports: automatically update supports configuration in case of translation at the edition or the slicing.
    - Supports: update in realtime the Grid tab when the pillar selection is performed.
    - Supports: automatically load the default configuration if unique otherwise if multiple default configurations show a warning and load the last one.
    - Supports: Performance improvements on the generation in the viewer.
    - Supports: user able to add new configurations in saved projects.
    - Supports: user able to update existing configurations in saved projects.
    - DB Default Path: if the startup database is not found, search in HOMEDIR/.chopchop3d/Core.db on any platform.
    - Linux x64 supported: tested on Ubuntu and Fedora.

    - Supports: fixes for selection of pillars and update of parameters.
    - Infill: bug fixes at the loading from the DB for Grid/Triangle cases.
    - Infill: bug fixes for Advanced Infill.
    - Insets: bug fixes for Detailed Slicer to handle variable extrusion widths and the correct ordering.
    - Insets: handling of custom overlaps at the backend.
    - Vase mode: bug fixes for Detailed Slicer.
    - Infill: bug fixes for the overlap.
    - GCode: bug fixes block and wait temperature for Makerbot dialect.
    - Modification of the layout for the Temperature (multi tool part).
    - Detailed Slicer: add missing printer mode settings.
    - Detailed Slicer: fixes for Polygon/Keep only polygon shell.
    - Detailed Slicer: fixes for Insets at the Extruder parameters.
    - Wipe Tower: bug fixes on the GUI and the backend, major scheduling changes at the backend.
    BETA_0 06/08/2018 A baby is born