ChopChop3D provides the following services:

  • Custom 3D Printer Software
  • Training on our slicer
  • Consulting

Custom 3D Printer Software

The Software Bottleneck Any innovation or improvement in 3D Printing made is tightly linked to the Software driving such 3D Printer.
The combination made by the Slicing Software, the Firmware and the 3D Printer is critical for both quality and performances.
Our Solution We can provide you the Custom Software you need to drive your 3D Printers and make it happen.
We have a modular Slicer platform that was built from the start to be extended in many different ways in order to cope with forthcoming processes and innovations. You can read further the Why of our slicer here.



Training is everything

We think that training, educating, is one of our main mean to communicate our passion in 3D Printing.
We provide in depth training on ChopChop3D Slicer and 3D Printers.

  • Small groups or One to One.
  • Exchanged based.
  • Adapting and Pushing the Envelope.
  • Long run.



Go beyond our small world and ourself

We combine several years of experiences accross different fields from Research and Development down to very Operational aspects of the day to day practice, we are eager to learn more and to help your business succeed in using 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing.

We provide consulting in both 3D Printing and Software Engineering.