! ChopChop3D Slicer: Keyboard Shortcuts

Content of this Document

The purpose of this document is to provide details on the different keyboard shortcuts to help you save time.


Follows the list of shortcuts.

Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl+NCreate a new project
Ctrl+OOpen a project
Ctrl+SSave a project
Ctrl+IImport a new mesh
DelRemove the selected mesh(es)
TTranslateSwitch to the translate mode
RRotateSwitch to the rotate mode
SScaleSwitch to the scale mode
GGizmoShow/Hide the combined gizmo
MMirrorShow the mirror dialog
Shift+SSupportsShow the supports dialog
WWipe TowersShow the wipe towers dialog
PMesh PropertiesShow the mesh properties dialog
AArrangeShow the arrange dialog
CCameraShow the camera dialog
Ctrl+0Z Zero AlignAlign the selected meshes to touch the bed
Ctrl++Zoom In
Ctrl+-Zoom Out
Ctrl+GGroup meshes
Shift+GUnGroup meshes
Ctrl+RRename Group
F5Quick SliceOpen Quick Slicer Dialog
F6Detailed SliceOpen Detailed Slicer Dialog
F7Adaptive SliceOpen Adaptive Slicer Dialog

Viewer dock


Shortcut Action Description
UpTranslate on Y UpTranslate by 10mm increment
DownTranslate on Y Down
LeftTranslate on X Down
RightTranslate on X Up
PageUpTranslate on Z Up
PageDownTranslate on Z Down


Shortcut Action Description
UpRotate on Y UpRotate by 10 deg. increment
DownRotate on Y Down
LeftRotate on X Down
RightRotate on X Up
PageUpRotate on Z Up
PageDownRotate on Z Down


Shortcut Action Description
+Uniform Scale Up
-Uniform Scale Down
UpNon Uniform Scale on Y UpYou must activate the Non Uniform mode, first.
DownNon Uniform Scale on Y Down
LeftNon Uniform Scale on X Down
RightNon Uniform Scale on X Up
PageUpNon Uniform Scale on Z Up
PageDownNon Uniform Scale on Z Down

Camera dialog

Follows the list of shortcuts that are using fully the keypad

Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl +Zoom In
Ctrl -Zoom Out
UpMove the Camera Up
DownMove the Camera Down
LeftMove the Camera Left
RightMove the Camera Right
+Pitch Up the Camera
-Pitch Down the Camera
/Roll Up the Camera
*Roll Down the Camera
InsRotate X Up the Camera
DelRotate X Down the Camera
HomeRotate Y Up the Camera
EndRotate Y Up the Camera
Pg UpRotate Z Up the Camera
Pg DownRotate Z Down the Camera

Shortcut Action Description
NShow Normals
SSolid Mode
WWireframe Mode
PPoint Mode
VShow Vertex Normals

Shortcut Action Description
0Standard Camera
1Top Camera
2Front Camera
3Side Camera

Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl OOrbitalOrbit around the center of the bed
Ctrl SOrbital Around SelectionSelect a mesh to orbit around it, otherwise it will orbit around the center of the bed.
Ctrl FFree Look
Ctrl PPitch and Yaw

Supports dialog

Follows the list of shortcuts.

Shortcut Action Description
AGenerate All Supports
BGenerate Only Bed Supports
CClear Supports
SManual Selection
PPaint Supports Surfaces
UUse Painted Supports Surfaces