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This document shows how to add/edit a new printer:  

Add a new printer

Assuming you have a project with at least a mesh inside. In the menu Slicer, click either on Quick Slice or Slice The Quick Slice or Slice dialog will be shown, select the Profile tab.

Perform a right click in the Printer list and click in the contextual menu Add new Printer, a new entry is created in the list, you can directly edit the brand, the name and the description.

Edit a printer

Select the printer you want to edit in the printer list, perform a right click and click on Edit Entry, it will show the following dialog. There are few panels: Core, Limits, Home and Misc.

  • Core is to set the brand, the name and the description of the printer.
  • Limits is giving hints if you try to perform something that may damage your printer.
  • Home contains important homing parameters that MUST always be set correctly, otherwise you will damage your printer.
  • Misc is for miscellaneous parameters.

Edit limits of a printer

This is used to set the volume of the printer, its bed shape and few other parameters for the temperature, the availability of a heated bed or a heated chamber.

Set homing and offset parameters

This contains the needed parameters for the home and the offset of the origin.
BE CAREFUL ! ChopChop3D Slicer origin is set to the center of the bed, typically for Marlin with a Cartesian machine you will have to set the offset at the GCode.

Bundles list

A Bundle is just a way to group and to organize several profiles together. For instance you can organize it by Filament type, by Part, by Customer, with any category that fits your own purpose. When you select one or another bundle, the profile list will be automatically updated. Through the contextual menu through a right click, you can add or remove any entry.

Profiles list

This list is probably the one you will use the most. You can directly edit the name and the description. Through a right click you reach the contextual menu, you can remove or show statistics of a given profile.

  • If you use the Load button, it will loads the selected entry, if it is successful or if there is an error a dialog will pop-up.
  • If you click on the Save button, the current template will be saved.