The BETA is free. We will start to charge when the BETA ends. So far this is a draft of what we may charge.

Subscription based, Continuous improvements

We think the subscription based model is good for the long term: we need a continuous flow of money to develop and to improve our product continuously.
If you want to stop the subscription and to keep the product as is, you can switch to a perpetual license: you will be time limited for both the support and the releases. More or less the price of a perpetual license would be 2 years of subscription, you pay the missing delta on the 2 years of subscription if any.

Different entities, different needs, different prices

Subscriptions are on a yearly basis, you have access to the latest releases and pre-releases.

Yearly Price without VAT Entity Description Support Level
42€Non-commercialPersons not doing business
Eligible makerspaces, public universities, public research institutes, voluntary associations (eligibility depends on several parameters)
Students, schools (probably with a special prize)
Best effort when available
60€Business Persons doing business where our product is involved at any point including any kind of private/public company, consultingReactive
120€Pro Same as business with Premium SupportPremium Support, reactive and digging mode
To defineTailor madeYou need something different to suit your needs, send us your enquiryCustom