• It is FREE for non-commercial use, we strongly encourage you to to support us through Paypal, Patreon or any other way.
  • It is a modest yearly subscription for Professional/Business, the price is about 2 rolls of correct plastic filament.

Subscription based, Continuous improvements

We think the subscription based model is good for the long term: we need a continuous flow of money to develop and to improve our product continuously.
If you want you can stop anytime the subscription and you keep the product as is without further upgrades. We are not in the cloudy theme, your data are your data.

Different entities, different prices

Subscriptions are on a yearly basis, you have access to the latest releases.

Yearly Price without VAT Type Description Support Level
FREENon-commercialPrivate use not doing business, small business making less than 20K$ yearly revenues. If you donate through Paypal, Patreon you will have early access to new releases.
May be eligible: makerspaces or non-profit, on a case by case basis.
Community based
42€Professional/Business You have or work in a company (or being self-employed) making at least 20K$ yearly revenues.Best effort max 1 hour support + Community based
To defineTailor madeYou need something different to suit your needs (3d printer manufacturer, manufacturing, custom printers, material profile tuning...), send us your enquiry.To define