Content of this Document

The purpose of this document is to detail the installation process:


Go on the website and go in the Download section.


  • First check that the file is correct with the provided MD5/SHA1 checksum in the Download section. If ok you can launch the provided installer.
  • You will be asked to accept or not the license agreement.
  • Then, put the path where you want to install it.


You have to register on-line your computer if not already done (you can register few computers): launch Register License program.
If you already have a regdata file you just have to Load From File, and to click on Register. Otherwise you have to fill the form (Company and Email2 are optional, all other fields are mandatory), Save to File then click on Register.

You can click on Check to verify the license

You can register another computer by following the same procedure, you need to reuse your regdata file, load it then click on Register.

It will take some time (at least a few hours according to your timezone), for the moment it is a manual process performed off line with additional verifications and validations: the license will be attached to the provided email.

Install license

You will receive by email your license files for the given computer. You just have to install the provided files in the place you installed inside the licenses directory, after you launch the slicer and it should tell you if it is ok or not.


  • Windows:
  • Linux: the licenses directory should be put in the directory ~/.chopchop3d.


An uninstaller program is provided. It will uninstall only the files installed by the installer, it will not uninstall the Database and other customizable features.

Known Issues


  • In case materials are not shown correctly, try to set the locale to EN and relaunch the slicer (export LC_ALL=en; export LANG=en; export LANGUAGES=en).


Keep your profiles safe


  • License: ...\Username\.chopchop3d
  • Custom Settings (materials, recent files, profile DB location): Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ChopChop3D\ChopChop3D Slicer\
  • Profiles DB (default location): ..\Username\.chopchop3d, otherwise check in your Prefences/DB


  • License: ~/.chopchop3d/
  • Custom Settings (materials, recent files, profile DB location): ~/.config/ChopChop3D
  • Profiles DB (default location): ~/.chopchop3d/, otherwise check in your Prefences/DB