How to calibrate the filament flow ?

This is an important step for the print quality.

We are printing in vase mode a single perimeter of a cube on 20mm height to evaluate the layer width.

  • Open the slicer and import the 100mm cube given in the examples (100 because it is long enough for the extruder to reach a steady state)
  • Load your default profile
  • Set the temperature
  • Set the extrusion flow to 100%
  • Set the extrusion width
  • Disable the cooling ( min print layer time to less than 5 seconds)
  • Set the print speed about the print speed you want to print
  • Enable the vase mode
  • Disable Top and Bottom layers
  • Ensure the infill is set to 0
  • Slice from 0.0 to 20.0 mm
  • Launch the print
  • Once the print is finished, use a caliper (or better a micrometer) to check the value of the extrusion width of the single printed wall in different places, and iterate adjusting only the extrusion flow until the extrusion width is correct.
  • Optional : Check the length on both X and Y, to see if there are deviations for your calibration on X and Y
  • You can iterate with 2 or more perimeters, then adjust accordingly to your profile

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